Talent Acquisition

Our passion is growing businesses through the acquisition of exceptional talent.

We bring over 50 years of combined advisory experience to each client engagement, and are particularly proud of our ability to make excellent placements at all levels, from entry roles to the seasoned CEO. While we advise our clients in defining their long-term needs and counsel them as to the viability of each search, we are educating ourselves to better understand our clients, their culture, and their competitors.

Talent acquisition requires a paradigm shift for all parties involved:

The client has to shift from a hiring mindset to a keeping mindset.

The candidates have to shift their thinking from taking a job to choosing a career.

Finally, the search firm has to shift its own processes from persuasion to advocacy and empowerment of both sides to objectively make the best business and career decisions.

Talent Acquisition

Our approach to talent acquisition results in a clear hiring case and a credible career case. The union of the two results in a successful hire and long term fit.

Often the best candidate is one that is not yet looking. That’s why Magellan is committed to the passive – not just the active – candidate market. Our unique sourcing approach ensures that we include all possible candidates in the process rather than just working our rolodex or qualifying by resume as candidates surface.

Sourcing Candidates

At Magellan, we don't assume we know enough candidates. Instead, we build a comprehensive candidate source list for each search using our own search process

Selecting Candidates

Magellan consults with each candidate on their career case to determine an optimal fit. We report both viability and non-viability to our hiring client

Sourcing Candidates