Advisory Services

Magellan helps navigate the complexities of business growth and an ever changing market through our expert advisory services.

Successful growth and retention requires careful planning – whether in a business or with a career. Magellan’s decades of expertise in building professional services groups translates into key growth and retainment insights for our clients businesses and our candidates careers. We don’t rely on our internal expertise alone, Magellan faithfully maintains an external advisory network to address the most common business and career issues we see everyday.

Magellan is a trusted advisor and partner in your business growth.

We bring a deep understanding of the market and the significant trends that may impact our clients’ ability to achieve the growth they invision.

We strive every day to better understand our clients, their culture, and their competitors to advise our clients in making informed decisions that have lasting impact.

Advisory Services

Magellan has experts on staff to address the following key areas for growth with confidence and precision.

HR Advisory Services
Magellan provides help to structure integration solutions for lateral hires. We can also help staff Human Resources departments and provide interim recruiting process outplacement services.

How we can help

Magellan has developed a unique approach to creating a “persistent pipeline” of qualified candidates that we “socialize” overtime to make sure we attract the best talent, when that talent is available and ready.

We have a unique recruiting support system that we can deploy for our clients at any level as relates to talent acquisition, either on a contract or outsource basis.

Compensation Analysis
Magellan insights around total value of employee compensation can help separate motivational implications of the base, bonus, and equity components of compensation.

How we can help

We have discovered that each person is unique and so is the way they value the components of their compensation.

Our advisors will work to balance these components of compensation so you can retain your top level talent and continue your business growth.

Leadership Development
Part of our career compass methodology provides insights into evaluating a candidate’s leadership potential as well as providing insights on how to strengthen a person’s leadership capabilities.

How we can help

Our “career compass” solution is unique valuable in empowering individuals to become more effective in their organizations

We maintain a trusted referral network of experts in career coaching, leadership development retention, and succession planning

Alumni Development
Often our client’s best resources for new business development begins with their past employees. Magellan has been asked develop alumni programs for past clients to capitalize on these networks.

How we can help

We can work with you to develop a customized approach to developing a program quickly and effectively.